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Welcome to the Replenished Mind. My name is Rachel and I specialise in helping those who are feeling stuck and unable to move forward in certain aspects of their lives. Using the Mind Reboot Programme I will guide you through a healing journey. This will allow you to release past negative experiences and traumas, heal old wounds and enable you to create lasting change and a positive state of balance in your life.

I am a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with additional qualifications in NLP, EFT, EMDR and Solution Focused Therapy. I then went on to train and qualify as a Mind Reboot Facilitator which I now deliver to clients.  The Mind Reboot is a 5 stage, 7-week programme that works with your unconscious mind and combines elements of Neuroscience, Hypnosis, NLP, EFT tapping and Solution Focused Therapy. 

I provide online as well as in-person hypnotherapy in Maidenhead. Read on to find out more about my services.

Contact me directly by emailing enquiries@thereplenishedmind.com.


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About the programme

The Mind Reboot Programme is our most popular package! It is a 7 weekly session programme, which works in five stages including: an in-depth initial consultation, tools to manage your anxiety, trauma release, anxious and depressive states, emotional triggers and limiting beliefs. The Mind Reboot is described as a subtractive therapy, where unhelpful patterns and beliefs are removed at root cause.  If you are ready to change, read on here.

Mind Reboot   






How it Works

Making the first step

The journey begins by getting to know you a little better. This involves a complimentary 20-minute casual conversation to explore what's on your mind and determine if The Mind Reboot is right for you. Once you've made the decision to proceed, we'll schedule your first session. 

Initial Assessment

In our initial session, I will conduct a thorough consultation and equip you with tools to help effectively manage day-to-day anxiety and stress.

The Programme

Whether you prefer online or in-person sessions, the programme itself spans over 7 weekly sessions (inclusive of the initial consultation) and addresses every facet of your negative thinking. 

Additional Sessions

Once you've completed the Mind Reboot Programme, we can address more specific concerns if necessary. These sessions typically only require 1 or 2 additional appointments. 


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Frequently asked questions

How long is each session?

Each session lasts  60 minutes.

How much do you charge for the Mind Reboot Programme?

The fee for the Mind Reboot package is £500. A £90 deposit is required when you book your initial assessment. If you decide to go head with the programme this deposit will be deducted from the full amount (payment options available if required). 

Do I have to disclose sensitive detail about what happened to me?

No - In fact one of the additional benefits of this approach is that you don't have to disclose any sensitive detail about what happened to you, unless you want to. The process, tools, and techniques we use can all be done content free. This means you don't have to relive or share any traumatic memories.



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Do you offer online/virtual sessions?

Yes, I do. In fact, most of my client sessions are online, this allows me to work with clients all over the world. I also offer face to face sessions for clients who are unable to work with me remotely. 

Benefits of online therapy

Clients have the added benefit of being able to relax in the comfort of their own surroundings. This is particularly helpful for clients who are unable to leave the house due to anxiety, depression, or physical health conditions. It is also suitable for clients who have work or family commitments and cannot attend in-person sessions.

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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is where we make use of your mind's most receptive levels of awareness also known as a learning state.

We often enter this state of mind naturally in our day-to-day living, whether it be whilst driving, watching TV, exercising, doing chores, or daydreaming. We also enter this state during the REM phase of sleep.

This is a highly important time for the mind to process events of the day, where memories are transferred from the subconscious to the conscious mind. This enables us to process emotions towards a rational narrative that helps us deal with life events.

Hypnotherapy encourages this natural mental process, and it is vital for maintaining a healthy mind. Hypnotherapy can help with all aspects of improving mindset and emotional wellbeing.



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What is NLP / Neuro Linguistic Programming?

NLP is a powerful modality that was first created in the 1970s to get better results in communication, personal development, and psychotherapy.


Refers to our neurological system. How we interpret and interact with ourselves and the world using our conscious and unconscious mind.


Represents the language patterns that we use to communicate - both verbal and non-verbal. 


Focuses on the internal programs that we as human beings are constantly running to function in the world. Through NLP we can update or change these habitual programs so that we can achieve more desirable outcomes in our daily lives.




Do you offer additional services?

Yes, I also offer standard Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions. 

What is the fee for a standard session?

I offer a complimentary 20 minute informal chat. The Initial consultation fee is £90 and standard sessions are £75.

How many sessions would I need?

The number of sessions required vary from person to person. This will be discussed in your initial consultation.




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  This course of sessions have been life changing....

This course of sessions have been life changing. I am not exaggerating. Rachel has calmly and expertly guided me through all the stages of this therapy supporting me through some emotional but at the same time enlightening experiences. I have been able to face my fears, guilt, shame and other defects of my character like resentment and self pity and now have greater self awareness and the understanding of the importance of self care. My sessions have helped me to assimilate important milestones and move forward with a much more positive attitude to new challenges and opportunities in the future. I now have the tools to rationalise my fears and also help me to break old habits and I am excited about the next phase of my life. Thank you Rachel for helping me to increase my self confidence, self esteem and self belief and to discover my self worth and seek new opportunities. The course has provided me with some great techniques to manage life on life's terms and see the future in a positive light. I would recommend this course of therapy to everyone who is looking to build self confidence, heal the past and look towards a brighter future   |     |  

  Going through the Mind Reboot process with Rachel was really powerful...

Going through the Mind Reboot process with Rachel was really powerful. She is so warm and approachable and explained every aspect of the process really well. Since completing the program, personally, something has shifted for me and I’m much more able to navigate my own feelings and my relationships in a positive way. It really has changed things for me! Meeting with Rachel online was really convenient and helped me to prioritise the sessions around a busy day-to-day life. Karen   |     |  

  Highly Recommend...

Rachel was very caring and extremely supportive when guiding me through the stages of the mind reboot programme. Rachel supported me through some very emotional times, but also some amazing experiences within my life too. I was able to face fears that were so deep and buried! allowing me to let go of guilt, shame and not being able to be loved. All of my sessions helped me to understand my emotions and be able to move forward with a more positive attitude. I am looking forward to making new milestones in the future. Big thank you Rachel for helping me to increase my self confidence, self belief and self worth. I would highly recommend this course of therapy to everyone. It opens your eyes to a bright future! Lisa W   |   January 2024  |  





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If you are looking for help with stress, anxiety, confidence,  a phobia or any other issue, please get in touch for hypnotherapy in Maidenhead or online. To book an informal chat please email me through the contact form here.


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