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The Mind Reboot Package

Hypnotherapy and brief strategic therapies for a wide range of problems

There are many different approaches to each problem. By having qualifications and up-to-date training in a wide range of therapeutic methods, I can offer specific tools and techniques to suit each individual client.

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20 minute Informal  chat -  FREE

Initial Consultation -  A £65 deposit is required when you book the initial consultation. If you decide to ahead with the programme this amount will be deducted from the full amount below.

Mind Reboot Package - £65 per session or
 £420 if you pay in full.








About the programme

The Mind Reboot programme is our most popular package. It includes, hypnosis, NLP, EFT and Solution Focused Brief Therapy to help liberate the mind from negative thinking, gain new perspectives and empower you towards a positive life change.

The advantage of this process is that you do not need to disclose any sensitive detail during your sessions. The process, tools and techniques we use can all be delivered content free. This means you don't have to relive or share any traumatic memories unless you want to.

The only requirement is that you are totally dedicated to the programme, follow the steps and are truly ready to change and heal.

Mind Reboot Program






Additional Services

Standard hypnotherapy and NLP sessions

I use a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP tools and techniques for a wide range of conditions.

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20 minute informal chat FREE

Initial consultation - £70

Standard session - £70